I have many "Aha" moments in the shower crying out for documentation.  I will also use this blog to document my new startup, "Going One to One", an online course for schools who need help doing three big shifts at once: purchasing computers for each student, promoting student-centered learning, and adopting Google Apps for Education.

- Bram Moreinis


Bridging the LMS for Situated Social Learning

Reflecting on a Coursera MOOC about Jazz Improvisation (taught by world-class musician and educator Gary Burton) led me to imagine a design scheme for extending course activities beyond a Learning Management System (LMS).  A course designed to initiate students into a knowledge domain (in this case, Jazz) should not merely present theory and readings in the arid climate of an LMS, but rather introduce learners to what Activity Theory asks for: the Tools, Roles, and Community associated with participation in that domain.


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