Game Face Web Design (2005-2009)

This is the now-quite-dated website for Game Face Web Design, the development company I founded with students in my Tech Scouts Program.  My student-partners chose Drupal for our development software, and we used Moodle to train clients to maintain their sites. I soon discovered that once they went off to college, the students were no longer able to meet work deadlines around midterms and finals, and hired adult staff (a graphic designer, a PHP/MySQL coder, an analyst / themer, a copy writer, and a Search Engine Optimization / Search Marketing specialist).  This website offers our customer gallery and testimonials. 

The economic downturn of 2009 and the slope of my learning curve in this, my first for-profit venture made this expansion unsustainable, and I virtualized the company in 2009, bringing in people as needed.  I later decided to return to technology integration work, since my career and training lay there.  However, I continued to develop a few sites each year, and maintain the web servers that hosted my clients sites and email.  This experience serves me well in envisioning how websites can support the various facets of online and blended learning design, development and support.   Client reference letters attached.