Intro to Coding with Baby Sister Unit

Many Computer Science teachers know the Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich intro activity.  Can students new to coding write down all the instructions to make a PB&J, with the proper sequence, complete enough that a robot following them would not make a mess?  I've added to this by creating a faux programming language called babySister, using the syntax rules of JavaScript and an OOP focus.  It is designed for the Baby Sister Operating System (BS-OS) ... basically, another human being willing to emulate a "Baby Sister" who is subject to the rules and constraints of the program.  For example:

  • BSOS has small hands, so she can't hold two jars at once. 
  • BSOS needs to be holding a jar in her left hand so she can unscrew it with her right hand. 
  • BSOS must be holding a knife with spread on it in her right hand while she steadies the bread on the plate with her left. 

The evolving documentation for the language includes:

  • a LucidChart diagram of a PB&J kitchen;
  • a list of commands, their requirements and rules;
  • a description of the object classes; 
  • ability to add a new command for new sandwiches;
  • Sample PB & J code
  • Code editor (enter full line, or by parts with command + argument)